What’s New

The County of Essex and the County of Hudson with the cooperating agencies of NJTPA and NJDOT in an effort to keep the community and general public informed of current progress on the Bridge Street Bridge LCD Study has developed this list of announcements:
  • Please visit Community Outreach to view the Public Information Center Meeting No. 1 Presentation and the Public Information Center Meeting No. 1 Summary Reports to see what was presented and what people submitted for comments.
  • Work began June 2016
  • Data Collection Underway
    • Project Mapping & Field Survey
    • Environmental Screening
    • Verification of Utilities
    • Obtain Bridge Inspection Reports, Traffic Data, Crash Data
    • Identify Existing Substandard Design Elements
    • Local Officials, Stakeholders and Public Outreach & Input
    • Project Fact Sheet
    • Develop Project Purpose and Need

Upcoming Events

Community input and comments are always welcome during this Bridge Study, please do visit the web site regularly to view the progress.

Bridge Street Bridge Study Project Team

  • If interested in attending future public meetings, please sign-up on the mailing list on the Contact page.